WineStyles South Riding

25031 Riding Plaza, Ste 110
Chantilly, VA 20152



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Kelly Cooper
South Riding, VA
9/15/2016 8:37 AM ETZ 
" Awesome place to hang out with friends! The wine and beer selection is incredible and the owners are amazing. One of my favorite things about living in South Riding! "

Jennifer King
South Riding, VA
4/20/2016 8:36 AM ETZ 
" There are wines here for every taste. It's also a great place to eat and hang out. "

Tim Stromberg
South Riding, VA
10/14/2015 8:31 AM ETZ 
" Always something fun happening there. Great place and the selection of beer and wine seems endless. "

Nathan Tuccio
South Riding, VA
10/12/2015 8:30 AM ETZ 
" Great place to enjoy wine and beer! They're EXTREMELY welcoming and laid back! "

Katelyn Motta
South Riding, VA
8/25/2015 8:33 AM ETZ 
" I love this place! Very close to home with a great selection of wines. This makes a great date night to have a glass or two or a whole bottle. I've been coming here since 2013 and still love it! Highly recommended! Come on a Friday for live music and on Saturday or Sunday for wine tastings. "


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